Today, I’m going to see one of my favorite performance art shows with a friend…

It’s called “Sankai Juku”.

It’s a bunch of bald white men dancing slowly to weird lighting and trippy music.

But highly regarded abroad, especially in Europe.

Obviously my description doesn’t do it justice, but it got your attention ;)

This is one of those shows you have to see in person to understand.

Traditional Buddhist principles combined with modern performance technologies.

Check out the trailers on YouTube.

The reason I love this type of meditative art is that it pushes you to look inwards.



To me, that’s the purpose of art.

Which is why I try to share as much of it as I possibly can.

Whether that’s through…

>>>My novels

>>>Noh Masks

>>>Dome House Project

Sharing these experiences just feels…right.

And to make it easier for you to get your hands on this goodness, I’m running a 50% off deal on everything.

Click one of the links above and use this code at checkout:


The deal ends on March 20th 11:59pm EST.

Talk soon,

Brandon “art everywhere“ Chin

P.S. For those of you reading who use Bitcoin, my auction with Japanese digital & physical art ended successfully.

You can see the experiment here:

>>>Click here to see the auction

Next one is dropping in a few days, so if you explore with digital coins, get ready to place a bid on some 400 year old porcelain from Nagasaki!

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