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Kiryu Textile - wall art

Kiryu Textile - wall art

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You love scenes on your walls.

All of the art you have up so far demonstrates a respect for moments.

The moments that move culture forward.

You don’t necessarily even need the art to be painted. Any material works, as long as it pushes the envelope and shows your appreciation for the human spirit.

The only thing is the art market is bursting through the seams with ridiculous valuations.

Only the uber-wealthy can afford the real wall art that resonates in your bones.

Unless you’re buying Kiryu Textile.

This silk-infused wall art depicts the booming industry of textiles that made Gunma residents wealthy enough to take boat trips to not-so-near-back-then Edo Tokyo for the evening and back.

Over 1300 years ago, people with deep pockets scorched the earth for Kiryu textiles.

Of course, we all wear jeans now. But the impact of Kiryu textile and its shokunin can’t be understated.

Hasegawa-san showed me around his massive factory. The original machines remained in-tact and usable.

His appreciation for the traditional style and recognition of a need to innovate was inspiring.

I filmed his sentiments so you can understand the process and the background when you add this wall art to your collection.

Prop it up on your wall next to the other pieces you have to add some flavor.

Where else can you get textile wall art without emptying your accounts?



Shokunin: Hasegawa

Origin: Gunma prefecture

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