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Raw Japan Art

Nambu Tekki - cast iron kettle

Nambu Tekki - cast iron kettle

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Shokunin: Suzuki

Origin: Iwate prefecture 


You enjoy the rustic ways of living.

Not this plastic machine revolution that tears us away from our natural selves.

You want to feel yourself and your body in all its raw, pure forms.

Especially when it comes to how you drink your tea and coffee.

While you’ve always wanted to boil your water in a way that brought you closer to nature and yourself, you just can’t seem to find a non-technological solution.

Worse, the cast-iron kettles you’ve encountered offer the opportunity to deteriorate your body.

Instead, you can opt for a natural solution that is also hand-crafted.

With immense history and effort over decades…

Moreover, this deep black cast iron kettle offers iron to replenish your blood and make you stronger than you could ever be drinking solely from machines.

I went to the Morioka hills to meet Suzuki-san, a long time Nambu Tekki artisan.

He was born into the profession under the tutelage of his parents - with his mother taking the lead as head of the company after his grandparents.

Although he spent some years in the enthralls of big city life in Tokyo after university, he has since returned to the helm of his company.

Now he offers the traditional benefits of Nambu Tekki alongside more modern solutions that reach outside the kitchen into the living room and walls of your home.

This way, you can enjoy both the traditional sentiments and modern realities of using Nambu Tekki no matter what rhythm your daily life takes.

Replenishing iron in an anemic world while also enjoying the purity of boiled water inside the rustic shell of Nambu Tekki could be the way for you to reconnect your body to the ancient lifestyle it yearns for.

Add this item to your cart, and enjoy the documentary that comes with it to learn how Suzuki-san uses Nambu Tekki and how making it has reinvigorated his life.

Then you, too, can relish in your daily morning beverages laced with vital iron and other tasty minerals.

Lest you revert to your convenience store beverage runs and sugar-fueled highs and crashes.

Control and enjoy your mornings with a steady boil as the perfect start to your morning.

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