Fukuyama Koto

$3,500.00 USD

$2,950.00 USD

Save 16%


Fukuyama Koto

$3,500.00 USD

$2,950.00 USD

Save 16%

Authentic paulownia wood construction

Crafted by artisan, Fujii-san, in Hiroshima prefecture

Includes 14 bridge set, torii stand, songbook stand, and carrying case

Estimated Delivery: 1 month after order

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Watch How It’s Made

Authentically Made in Japan

Handcrafted by Shokunin Fujii

impeccable traditional sound

Individually handcrafted

Each Koto is handcrafted, eschewing mass-production techniques or machinery, which ensures that every instrument is unique and maintains the traditional methods of Koto production.

Constructed using genuine

paulownia wood

Paulownia wood is a material renowned for its acoustic properties and traditionally used in the making of Japanese musical instruments.

Captures the spirit of instrumental Japanese music

Immerse in the rich and ancient musical tradition of Japan by playing or listening to this Koto.

Get to Know the Shokunin

Fujii-san is one of the last of a dying breed. He runs a small team of 2 other artisans, while his wife handles logistics of orders and customer service.

Real people, Real experiences

The koto projects amazingly well, with clear tones throughout its range. It looks stunning as well, so it's both art for the eyes and the ears.

Steven W. / Washington, USA

I'm building a house...and I will make [these crafts] visible in my living room...so that I can always see it...and to show off to people when they visit.

John M. / Massachusetts, USA

I'm very happy with my ichigenkin. It's beautiful to look at, and very soothing to play

Steven W. / Washington, USA