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How Japan struggles with LGBT Discrimination

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.” This saying is a popular cultural norm in Japan.   Harmony through conformity determines behavior in Japan.   If you are seen threatening this conformity, you are seen as the “nail that sticks out” and society will do what it can to hammer you down.   Schools […]

Japanese rope bondage (shibari) begets freedom?

Many Think That Japanese Rope Bondage Or Shibari Is Purely Erotic. Check out the video here.   People often toss the spiritual implications to the wayside. Assumption kills it off before people give it a chance.   To me, rope bondage can lively up yourself.   Watching and listening to those that get tied, I […]

Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Kitchen Knives – the secret to washoku

 You’ve heard it before. “Japanese knives are the best.” They’re sharp, artistic and get the job done (if you know what you are doing.)   So, how is it that you don’t know much about these fantastic pieces of steel besides the above? Ah, that’s right – nobody has told you. While there are scattered […]

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