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The Ultimate Japan Book Bundle

The Ultimate Japan Book Bundle

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  • 12 books = 1 bundle

  • Thriller novels with fantasy & romance elements

  • All books set in Japan

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"I was impressed with his attention to details and the main character development.

I could feel that Brandons experiences traveling around Japan, interviewing masters of craft - the Shokunin -really led his writing.

The narrative flowed smoothly, the characters introduced along the way were interesting and quirky, and the emotional and physical intensity ratcheted up as the story developed. Overall a great read.

Looking forward to further books in this series."

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joel V.L.

"As a reader we are pushed from pillar to post, from the here and now, to post apocalyptic survivalism, to futuristic science fiction, to prehistoric times, and then back again in an eclectic mix of genres which left me exhausted, yet strangely spiritually calm; it’s like the works of Confucius told by Tarantino."

--⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dohai

"Chin’s The Nanking Revolution is a beautifully woven tale that lifts the edges of the decorative carpet of a motley humanity, to expose the ugliness and crudity that lurks below the surface of our collective skins.

It’s a history set in a particular time, but one that still echoes through all time, affecting all who identify as human, forcing us to grapple with the very definitions of this humanness we seek or claim to embrace.

It’s a story of the other, facing the other, in the mirror; otherness is only a mere reflection of who the subject claims (or not) to be."

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Scottie

About The Ultimate Book Bundle

This bundle contains books based in Japan. They're fiction but loosely based on people, places, and experiences I've had here since 2011.

Shokunin Universe #0 (far left in fifth photo) is the main cover for the bundle. It's not an extra book.


Bundle Details

Author: Brandon Chin

Anthology Title: Shokunin Universe #0

Genre: Thriller with fantasy & romance elements 

Total Pages: 695 pgs

Characters: Based on real-life personalities I've met in Japan

How you will feel: Curious, Sensual, "This is un-put-down-able"

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Books Included

  1. Kyosei
  2. She is Alive
  3. Knives and Ropes
  4. The Nanking Revolution
  5. Space Flower
  6. Noize
  7. Khan the Rebel
  8. Cortez and the Blockchain
  9. Japanese Silence
  10. Comfort Ride
  11. Enter the Blockchain
  12. The African Blockchain

Get to Know the Author

Brandon Chin is a Jamaican-Chinese hybrid, and sees the world just the same: a mash-up of different stories. He spends his time asking questions through his writing. Music is his blood and he uses it to fuel his work. He is based in Fukuoka, Japan.

Book Descriptions


From the tranquil village of Kyosei to a dystopian world governed by artificial intelligence, Qin must navigate two realities to save his home. Meet Qin, a young musician deeply connected to his idyllic village, Kyosei. When his village is invaded, Qin feels a profound sense of loss and betrayal. As Qin embarks on a perilous journey to Founder Mountain, he finds himself in a world unlike any he's known—a society controlled by artificial intelligence. Through this journey, he discovers the courage to confront not just external threats but also his own inner demons.

If you're captivated by stories that immerse you in Japanese culture and speculative fiction, 'Kyosei' is a thought-provoking journey you won't want to miss. Set against the backdrop of a Japan both ancient and futuristic, this tale weaves in elements of traditional Japanese music, folklore, and customs, making it a rich tapestry of cultural exploration.

It's a meditation on what makes us human in an increasingly artificial world, enriched by the depth of Japanese tradition.

She is Alive

Japan doesn’t respect women, and it certainly doesn’t respect mixed-race women. Hana is done asking for respect."

Hana is a storm in human form, a young woman who refuses to be diminished by a society that refuses to see her. In a Japan that crushes the spirit of those who dare to be different, Hana finds her tribe among a fierce group of mixed-race women who won’t be silenced. Together, they fight, they rise, and they claim their space. But the government's iron hand won't let them go so easily. Even as Hana loses herself in the haunting beauty of noh theatre, her body remains a battlefield. Will she shatter the chains that bind her, or will the weight of a nation's prejudice drag her down?

Knives and Ropes

Hino's grief turns into a deadly game of revenge in conservative Japan.

Meet Hino, a master of shibari living on the margins as a trans-woman in conservative Japan. After the violent hate crime that claims her high-profile husband, Hino channels her sorrow into a fierce quest for vengeance. When Detective Wa Otsuka, a level-headed investigator in Fukuoka’s Police Department, discovers the first victim, he uncovers a disturbing pattern: each victim is a known oppressor of the LGBTQ community. As Wa delves deeper into the case, he unearths hidden aspects of himself and his past, confronting his own demons. His investigation leads him back to Sakai City and then into the depths of a cult behind a string of nationwide murders. Each step plunges him further into an abyss where the lines between justice and revenge blur.

The Nanking Revolution

Forced into a war he never wanted, Neda must navigate the horrors of Nanking while yearning for the comfort of home.

Meet Neda, a bookish young man thrust into the chaos of war and human suffering. When he finds himself part of a dark scheme disguised as "volunteerism," he is sent to Nanking, the ancient capital of China. There, he witnesses the atrocities of war and is torn between his duty and his conscience. Amidst the violence, Neda discovers an unexpected ally in Yufei, a fiery Chinese girl he saves from violation. Together, they find solace in their shared love for Chinese history and culture, even as they work to protect the vulnerable citizens of Nanking.

If you're captivated by stories that delve into the complexities of war, loyalty, and the human spirit, "The Nanking Revolution" is a gripping tale you won't want to miss.

Space Flower

Alone on Mars, a former Buddhist monk must find a new path to enlightenment.

Meet Sakura, a former Buddhist monk turned astronaut, sent on a mission to colonize Mars. When the mission goes awry, leaving her isolated, Sakura finds solace in her Buddhist teachings and Earth's most advanced AI.

Immersed in the tranquility of Martian landscapes and the complexities of artificial intelligence, Sakura seeks to fulfill her mission and find a new form of spiritual awakening.


A geisha battles her own biases and strange abilities on a quest for revenge and freedom.

Meet Hina, a geisha trapped in a life of servitude, using her unique ability to seek revenge while grappling with her own internal conflicts. Every day begins the same, dictated by her owner's command: "Begin." Despite the constraints of her life, Hina believes her master is her path to freedom. She navigates the complexities of her emotions, from love to resentment, questioning the nature of her existence. As she entertains her master and contemplates her past, Hina wonders if she is merely a product of fate or if she can forge her own destiny. Her journey of self-discovery and vengeance unfolds against the backdrop of Kyoto's vibrant yet oppressive society.

Khan the Rebel

An activist fights against environmental apathy, questioning if humanity is driven solely by self-interest.

Meet Shizen, an impassioned activist dedicated to pushing her community and policymakers to take stronger action for the environment. Her name, meaning "nature," reflects her life's mission to ensure humanity doesn't destroy the habitat on which we depend. As she watches multiple countries withdraw from the Fukuoka Climate Agreement, Shizen feels her efforts are futile and decides to change her approach drastically. Surrounded by a mix of half-Japanese, foreigners, and a few native Japanese activists, she feels isolated, particularly due to her Icelandic heritage. The sneers and comments about her perceived privilege only fuel her resolve. Realizing that simply shouting at the powerful isn't enough, Shizen resolves to take matters into her own hands, even if it means resorting to drastic measures.

Cortez and the Blockchain

A former creative turned mountain hermit returns to a society now based on trust. Will he learn to reconcile reality with his convictions?

Meet Cortez, a once celebrated creative who abandoned society to live in solitude on a mountain. The pure air and isolation allowed him to escape what he saw as the degraded state of humanity. Every year, Cortez descends his mountain to reassess the growth and evolution of society, specifically returning to his diverse hometown of Misayama, Nagano. Despite its openness to change, Cortez remains skeptical of society's maturity and balance. This year, as he descends with a throbbing head and heavy heart, he confronts the changes he sees and questions whether humanity's newfound trust-based society aligns with his long-held convictions. Will Cortez find a way to reconcile the reality he observes with the ideals that drove him to isolation?

Japanese Silence

Chinmoku returns to Fukuoka, Japan from the past, where technology is infiltrating human connection. Will he be able to protect the home entrusted to him by his people?

Meet Chinmoku, an advisor from the ancient Itokoku Kingdom, who finds himself inexplicably transported to modern-day Fukuoka, Japan. Standing on a hill overlooking Futamigaura Beach, Chinmoku is struck by the changes around him—roads lined with strange materials, moving vehicles with lights, and an altered landscape that once felt familiar. Clad in his traditional noh theatre mask and indigo-dyed garments, he struggles to comprehend the rapid technological advancements that now permeate human connections. With a deep sense of duty to protect his home, Chinmoku must navigate this new world, balancing his knowledge of the past with the realities of the present. As he embarks on this journey, he recalls his role as a bridge between cultures, fostering connections and adapting to the unknown. But can he reconcile the values of his past with the demands of the future?

Comfort Ride

Chen, a former comfort woman, seeks to heal her trauma through Vipassana Meditation. Will she resolve her pain in the heat of silence?

Meet Chen, a woman scarred by her past as a comfort woman during WWII. Now living in Japan, she struggles with the pervasive violence she perceives in everyday life and the self-hatred that has taken root within her. Her friend Miko recommends Vipassana Meditation, a 10-day silent retreat, as a way to confront and heal her deep-seated trauma. As Chen immerses herself in the intense silence of the retreat, she must face the echoes of her past and the violence that continues to haunt her. Will she find the inner peace and self-worth necessary to overcome her pain and reclaim her life?

Enter the Blockchain

In Fukuoka, Japan, Airi, a young Jamaican-Japanese woman, is on the brink of revolutionizing society with her blockchain company. But when a climate change-fueled tsunami devastates her city, she's thrust into a leadership role she's not sure she's ready for.

As she grapples with her own insecurities and the weight of her African and Japanese heritage, will she rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure?

The story unfolds in a Japan that serves as more than just a backdrop; it's a character in itself, rich in history and complexity. Airi's journey is a deep dive into the cultural nuances of Japan, from its innovative spirit to its ancient traditions.

The African Blockchain

In the tranquil Japanese countryside, a rogue artist turned amateur assassin uncovers a billionaire mogul's plot to suppress the Fourth Technological Revolution.

Can Mansa release the technology to the masses before it's too late?

Meet Mansa, an African-Japanese innovator in art and alternative investing, relishing the serenity and traditions of rural Japan. He dreams of building a dome house on a plot of land, embracing the Japanese way of life. But when his favorite musician, Uncommon, allegedly commits suicide, Mansa's idyllic life is shattered. He finds himself plunged into an international conspiracy that threatens not just him, but the global African diaspora.

As he delves deeper, Mansa discovers that a greedy billionaire mogul is behind the music and the suppression of a groundbreaking technology. With his community in peril, Mansa enlists the help of his friends in Japanese politics and the hacking world. But as he navigates the complexities of being a foreigner in Japan, he realizes the fight is coming to his doorstep, a fight he's not prepared for.

Will Mansa be able to leverage his unique position as an outsider in Japan to release the power of the technology before the mogul absorbs more of the world's power?

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