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Yokai Shadows (washi paperback book)

Yokai Shadows (washi paperback book)

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"I was impressed with his attention to details and the main character development.

I could feel that Brandons experiences traveling around Japan, interviewing masters of craft - the Shokunin -really led his writing.

The narrative flowed smoothly, the characters introduced along the way were interesting and quirky, and the emotional and physical intensity ratcheted up as the story developed. Overall a great read.

Looking forward to further books in this series."

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joel V.L.



In modern-day Kansai, where ancient tradition breathes amidst urban rhythm, Yuki, a gifted Noh Theater Mask Maker, is a staunch defender of age-old Japanese crafts. Her tranquil dedication takes a dark twist when a nefarious Kappa from the yokai realm threatens to annihilate the core of human creativity. As dark forces rally, destiny entwines Yuki's path with Kwame, a discerning Ghanaian art dealer entrenched in Japanese traditional crafts.

Their connection deepens amidst the whisper of chisels and the caress of art, forging a tender yet fervent romance. Yet, the looming shadow of supernatural warfare threatens to shatter their enclave of love and tradition. As the sinister tide encroaches, Yuki and Kwame, bound by love and a shared reverence for craftsmanship, become crucial pawns in a desperate battle to shield the heart of human tradition from the dark mystic onslaught.

Yokai Shadows melds the thrill of looming supernatural warfare with the gentle unfolding romance between Yuki and Kwame, set against a backdrop rich with Japanese lore. This tale is a riveting blend of fantasy, romance, and the relentless pursuit to protect the enduring beat of tradition amidst dark, supernatural adversaries.


Rating: R

Genre: dark fantasy, thriller, romance with a dash of spice

Page count: 100 pages per book

Trim: 6" x  9"

Format: Printed on traditional Japanese washi paper (Inshu Washi)

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Washi Paper

This book will be printed on traditional washi paper from Tottori prefecture. The official name is Inshu Washi. It is trusted by professional calligraphy artists across Japan.

Which is why this book costs about the same as a hardback.

You can see how much work goes into the centuries-old washi paper technique in my interview with the artisans below:

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