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Hakata Ori - wallet

Hakata Ori - wallet

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 Shokunin: Inoue

Origin: Fukuoka

Dimensions: Width 9 cm (opened: 17.5 cm) / Length: 18.5 cm

Care: Don't wash. Use little to no water when wiping the exterior.


Traditionally known as "Kenjo" due to being a tribute for lords, Hakata Ori textiles are some of the most luxurious and finely crafted fabrics in all of Japan. The lustrous, plain-woven fabrics are elegantly designed, while the figured textiles are vibrantly colorful and elaborately woven. The obi sashes made from these fabrics are easy to tie and have a characteristic silk squeak when cinched tight. In the modern age, few people wear kimono regularly, so the shokunin have adapted their skill to making smaller, everyday items - like this wallet. Without any compromise on quality. 

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