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Raw Japan Art

Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain

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 Shokunin: Nagasaki

Origin: Nagasaki prefecture


Plate (dark blue/ridged) - Diameter 15 cm  / Height 1.5 cm

Bowl (light blue/deep) -  Diameter 16.5 cm / Height 8.5 cm

Plate (white/center "Wa" design) - Diameter 19 cm / Height 2.4 cm

Bowl (greige/ridged) - Diameter 18.2 cm / Height 4.8 cm

Care: Use and wash like any other tableware. The better care you take care of your Japanese crafts, the longer you can enjoy their evolution - including the effect they can have on you and your home. 


Channel your inner artist with Hasami Porcelain. This unique line of dinnerware is characterized by its beautiful cobalt blue motifs and exquisite translucent porcelain. The reasonably priced pieces are perfect for everyday use, but also make a stylish statement as part of a special occasion set-up. Whether you're whipping up a home-cooked meal or treating yourself to a night out, Hasami Porcelain is sure to elevate your dining experience.

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