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Raw Japan Art

Kumano Fude - brushes

Kumano Fude - brushes

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These beautiful fude (brushes) are handmade in Kumano, Japan by skilled artisans who have been perfecting their craft for generations. Each brush is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in a truly unique and luxurious product.

Kumano Fude brushes are made from the finest natural materials, including hog hair, goat hair, and bamboo. The bristles are soft yet firm, making them ideal for a variety of uses including applying makeup, painting, calligraphy, and more.

Whatever your needs, a Kumano Fude brush is sure to exceed your expectations. Thanks to their superior quality and craftsmanship, these brushes are durable and can last for years.

Shokunin: Houkodou

Origin: Hiroshima prefecture

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