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Raw Japan Art

Miyakonojo Bamboo Long Bow

Miyakonojo Bamboo Long Bow

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Shokunin: Reimei (Yamanaka)

Origin: Miyazaki

Measurements: The shokunin need particular measurements of your shooting arm and hand. We will request this information after you buy. In some cases, they will customize your bow, which will take time. We will update you throughout the process.

Additions: If you want a shooting glove and arrows, please email us beforehand: Thank you.


You’ve always loved martial arts.

Especially the warrior art of Budo.

Samurai forgoing any and all worldly temptations to devote themselves entirely to self-control.

Images of ancient protectors pushing themselves to every limit to become a beacon of hope for their loved ones flood your mind as you read this...

The sweat that comes from sheer commitment to training your mental state.

The rendering of your soul to build the pillars of your physical being.

All of this has floated in your mind space after years of consuming stories of paradigm-shifting wars.

Yet you have never had the chance to wield the weapons of the past in their original form outside of video games.

Despite wanting to absorb the culture and philosophy embedded into these ancient weapons and tools of the past, you simply cannot find them where you live.

Factor into that the mountain of red tape of shipping tools like a real-world samurai sword outside of Japan.

No matter, I’m here to change that.

I traveled deep into the bamboo throngs of Miyakonojo in Miyakazaki prefecture in the south-eastern part of the Kyushu region to bring you the original bamboo longbow used in the art of Kyudo.

The father-son duo, Yamanaka, have been supplying the nation with bamboo longbows for generations.

MIyakonojo produces over 90% of the nation’s longbows.

And it’s not a coincidence that shokunin like, Yamanaka, are pouring their entire selves into each bow.

Which is why it can easily take a year to produce a longbow, if they don’t happen to have one in stock for your size.

They painstakingly source the bamboo based on size and quality.

Then strike it down with the same tools their forefathers used to harvest these stubborn and useful stalks.

Then they shape the stalks into formidable works of art that once struck fear deep in the hearts of invaders.

Although you might not use the longbow today as a form of self-defense (although you could after training). These longbows still serve as powerful works of art to demonstrate to your friends and family the importance you place on presence of mind and body.

Grab one today to start the process of customization.

So that you can either protect you and yours…

Or simply enjoy the raw energy of nature in your home…

Otherwise, go back to the staleness of simply imagining yourself a warrior of mind and body.

Bring some life and reality to your deepest urges by adding this to your cart today.


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