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Raw Japan Art

Noh Theatre Mask

Noh Theatre Mask

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In the heart of Kyoto, where ancient streets whisper tales of yore, a shokunin named Torihata Hideyuki carves not just wood, but history. His tool? A chisel. His canvas? A block of cypress. His muse? The enigmatic world of Noh.


Imagine a mask so alive, it breathes the very essence of the character it portrays. The Onna mask, a masterpiece of subtlety and profoundness, is a tribute to the genius of Zeami. It's not just a mask; it's a narrative of grace, a story of emotions untold, a symphony of femininity.

Zeami, a name that resonates with the wisdom of ages, believed in the "Flower" - the ultimate expression of art where the actor and the role become indistinguishable. Each mask we offer is a testament to this philosophy, a bridge to an era where art was not just seen but felt.

Owning this mask is akin to holding a piece of Japanese soul. It's rare, it's authentic, and it's an investment that grows in value, much like fine wine. It's not just an artifact; it's a legacy, a conversation piece, a symbol of prestige.

From a humble block of wood to a piece of profound beauty, the journey of each mask is a narrative in itself. It takes months of meticulous craftsmanship to breathe life into wood, a process steeped in tradition and perfected over centuries.

When this mask graces your space, it brings more than just aesthetic pleasure. It brings a story, a connection to a world where every movement, every chant, and every emotion is an art form. It's not just a mask; it's a piece of history, a slice of culture.

The wait for this mask is like the anticipation of a first encounter with a masterpiece. Shipped with care and arriving within 3 months of your order, it's a journey from our world to yours, a journey worth waiting for.


Step into the world of Noh. Embrace the mystery, the art, the history. Let this mask be more than an object in your home. Let it be a story, a conversation, a piece of your soul.


    Shokunin: Torihata Hideyuki

    Region: Kyoto

    Delivery: Each mask takes 1 〜 2 months to create by hand from a block of wood. Once it’s finished, we ship it directly to you with DHL. You can expect your Noh Mask within 3 months of ordering. As it’s handmade with love, we appreciate your patience.

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