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The Ultimate Japan Book Bundle

The Ultimate Japan Book Bundle

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  • 6 books = 1 bundle
  • Thriller novels with fantasy & romance elements
  • All books set in Japan


About The Ultimate Book Bundle

This bundle contains books all based in Japan. They're fiction, but loosely based on people, places, and experiences I've had here since 2011.

Shokunin Universe #0 (far left in fifth photo) is the main cover for the bundle. It's not an extra book.

 **The hardcover has an alternate cover.**

Bundle Details

Author: Brandon Chin

Anthology Title: Shokunin Universe #0

Genre: Thriller with fantasy & romance elements 

Total Pages: 490 pgs

Characters: Based on real-life personalities I've met in Japan

How you will feel: Curious, Sensual, "This is un-put-down-able"


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Books Included

  • Kyosei

  • The Nanking Revolution

  • Enter the Blockchain

  • Knives and Ropes

  • The African Blockchain

  • Space Flower


Get to Know the Author

Brandon Chin is a Jamaican-Chinese hybrid, and sees the world just the same: a mash-up of different stories. He spends his time asking questions through his writing. Music is his blood and he uses it to fuel his work. He is based in Fukuoka, Japan.

Book Descriptions



From the tranquil village of Kyosei to a dystopian world governed by artificial intelligence, Qin must navigate two realities to save his home. Meet Qin, a young musician deeply connected to his idyllic village, Kyosei. When his village is invaded, Qin feels a profound sense of loss and betrayal. As Qin embarks on a perilous journey to Founder Mountain, he finds himself in a world unlike any he's known—a society controlled by artificial intelligence. Through this journey, he discovers the courage to confront not just external threats but also his own inner demons.

If you're captivated by stories that immerse you in Japanese culture and speculative fiction, 'Kyosei' is a thought-provoking journey you won't want to miss. Set against the backdrop of a Japan both ancient and futuristic, this tale weaves in elements of traditional Japanese music, folklore, and customs, making it a rich tapestry of cultural exploration. It's a meditation on what makes us human in an increasingly artificial world, enriched by the depth of Japanese tradition.


The Nanking Revolution

Forced into a war he never wanted, Neda must navigate the horrors of Nanking while yearning for the comfort of home.

Meet Neda, a bookish young man thrust into the chaos of war and human suffering. When he finds himself part of a dark scheme disguised as "volunteerism," he is sent to Nanking, the ancient capital of China. There, he witnesses the atrocities of war and is torn between his duty and his conscience. Amidst the violence, Neda discovers an unexpected ally in Yufei, a fiery Chinese girl he saves from violation. Together, they find solace in their shared love for Chinese history and culture, even as they work to protect the vulnerable citizens of Nanking.

If you're captivated by stories that delve into the complexities of war, loyalty, and the human spirit, "The Nanking Revolution" is a gripping tale you won't want to miss.


Enter the Blockchain

In Fukuoka, Japan, Airi, a young Jamaican-Japanese woman, is on the brink of revolutionizing society with her blockchain company. But when a climate change-fueled tsunami devastates her city, she's thrust into a leadership role she's not sure she's ready for.

As she grapples with her own insecurities and the weight of her African and Japanese heritage, will she rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure?

The story unfolds in a Japan that serves as more than just a backdrop; it's a character in itself, rich in history and complexity. Airi's journey is a deep dive into the cultural nuances of Japan, from its innovative spirit to its ancient traditions.

If you're fascinated by the intersection of technology, leadership, and Japanese culture, "Enter the Blockchain" is a gripping narrative you won't want to miss.


Knives and Ropes

In a narrative woven with sensual tension and unyielding prose, 'Knives and Ropes' takes you on a journey through the darker corners of Japanese society.

Meet Hino, a master of shibari, the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage. Living a marginalized life as a trans-woman in a conservative society, Hino's world shatters when her high-profile husband becomes the victim of a violent hate crime. Fueled by grief, she embarks on a vengeful crusade that is as sensual as it is deadly.

Enter Detective Wa Otsuka, a level-headed investigator with Fukuoka's Police Department. As he delves into a series of crimes targeting LGBTQ oppressors, he finds himself entangled in Hino's complex web. The case forces Wa to confront his own hidden self and unlocks a blade-infused secret from his past.

Written with a determination to express complex ideas and emotions, "Knives and Ropes" captivates readers with its intricate portrayal of characters and its exploration of traditional and modern Japanese culture.

If you're drawn to stories that blend cultural richness with emotional and sensual intensity, "Knives and Ropes" is a gripping journey you won't want to miss.


The African Blockchain

In the tranquil Japanese countryside, a rogue artist turned amateur assassin uncovers a billionaire mogul's plot to suppress the Fourth Technological Revolution.

Can Mansa release the technology to the masses before it's too late?

Meet Mansa, an African-Japanese innovator in art and alternative investing, relishing the serenity and traditions of rural Japan. He dreams of building a dome house on a plot of land, embracing the Japanese way of life. But when his favorite musician, Uncommon, allegedly commits suicide, Mansa's idyllic life is shattered. He finds himself plunged into an international conspiracy that threatens not just him, but the global African diaspora.

As he delves deeper, Mansa discovers that a greedy billionaire mogul is behind the music and the suppression of a groundbreaking technology. With his community in peril, Mansa enlists the help of his friends in Japanese politics and the hacking world. But as he navigates the complexities of being a foreigner in Japan, he realizes the fight is coming to his doorstep, a fight he's not prepared for.

Will Mansa be able to leverage his unique position as an outsider in Japan to release the power of the technology before the mogul absorbs more of the world's power?

If you're captivated by stories that blend technology, politics, and cultural clashes, set against the backdrop of modern Japan, "The African Blockchain" is a gripping journey you won't want to miss.


Space Flower

Alone on Mars, a former Buddhist monk must find a new path to enlightenment.

Meet Sakura, a former Buddhist monk turned astronaut, sent on a mission to colonize Mars. When the mission goes awry, leaving her isolated, Sakura finds solace in her Buddhist teachings and Earth's most advanced AI.

Immersed in the tranquility of Martian landscapes and the complexities of artificial intelligence, Sakura seeks to fulfill her mission and find a new form of spiritual awakening.

If you're captivated by the fusion of spirituality and science fiction, "Space Flower" is a thought-provoking journey you won't want to miss.

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